The "Willow boarding kennels" is a small structure with few residents at a time.
If you are passing through BARJAC, you will be able to sightsee by dropping off your companions in the dog daycare  for only a few hours and thus, you will be free to visit the wonderful sites in the surroundings.

You will have the possibility to book a cottage, not accepting animals, by entrusting them to us, because the "Willow boarding kennels" is in the heart of the village.
Your pets in boarding kennels will benefit from 2 hours of regular walks on the many hiking trails.

They will appreciate the courtyard and garden.

Your pets will be part of our daily life during the day and will sleep in a heated and pleasant room at night.

DOG BOARDING :              20€ /day for 1 dog.

CAT BOARDING :               15€ /day.